Honeymoon Israel: Tikkun olam project and headed north

Twenty couples from the Valley are currently in Israel as part of Honeymoon Israel, a trip to Israel for couples that is being piloted in the Greater Phoenix Jewish Community by Valley Beit Midrash. Larry Hirsch, one of the participants, is sharing his experiences from the trip as a guest blogger. Here is his third post.

June 1

Time is limited, but that is only because Honeymoon Israel has been such a fantastic morning-to-evening experience thus far.  Yesterday we went to the Jaffa Institute in south Tel Aviv and helped pack boxes for economically challenged families.  A very eye-opening experience to learn about the struggles of so many immigrants to Israel – and the Jaffa Institute is committed to helping this disadvantaged part of the city, whether they assist are Jewish or not.  I highly recommend that readers learn more about this agency.

The evening prior to that we had dinner with members of a congregation in Tel Aviv and the experience was, well, very Israeli as the service at the restaurant was more like a negotiation.  Yesterday we took a long trip up to the North and we now find ourselves in the Golan Heights, Kfar Blum to the be exact.  In a few minutes, we are off to Tsfat and then kayaking down the Jordan River.

More to come in a longer blog post later….will catch up the readers on Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, the Old City of Jaffa and today’s activities as well. Off to tour the kibbutz……


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