JFNA Solidarity mission: Learning about Hamas’ plan of terror

Guest blogger Don Schon is currently in Israel on a solidarity mission with the Jewish Federations of North America.

While we have been in Israel, Hamas has fired more than 160 missiles into Israel. In the south of the country, they have been under bombardment for 14 years with over 3,500 missiles. For those towns and kibbutzim within 3 KM (less than two miles) there is no protection. They are exposed to short-range mortars using shells that are packed with ball bearings and other metal shreds, and to missiles which are fired from such short range that Iron Dome does not help. If that is not enough, they face the threat of terrorists killing their families after emerging from secret tunnels.

We learned about Hamas. This group of fanatics is an outgrowth of the Muslim brotherhood with an ideology perfectly in sync with Nazi ideals of hate and destruction with which they participated during the 1930s. Hamas trained with Al Qaeda and cooperated with Zarkawi. Their charter and ideology mandate not just the destruction of Israel, but the extermination of the Jewish people.

Hamas took over Gaza, quickly kneecapped and threw from building roofs every leader of the Palestine Authority they could find. They proceeded to dismantle any democratic political structures and eliminated elections.

Hamas has been preparing for this conflict for years. Captured documents demonstrate their plan was to build tunnels, infiltrate fighters and on Rosh Hashanah, start a final solution. In the meantime, Hamas infiltrated multiple college-educated terror cells into the West Bank with a plan to effect a coup and take over West Bank. The plans were discovered in the Gaza campaign and IDF arrested over 90 terrorists identified by the discovered documents.

Hamas dug over 150 tunnels for supplies into Egypt large enough to drive BMWs through. And they dug over 30 tunnels into Israel whose only purpose was terrorism against civilians. Each tunnel was dug at cost of over $3 million; a total of over $550 million. Yet they left their people in hovels and without protection from bombs.


Daniel Gordis

Our speaker tonight was the college professor, author and journalist Daniel Gordis, who described Hamas as a cancer. The president went on to national TV after an American journalist who he knew was brutally murdered. He called out for the evil of ISIS to be eliminated. “Is Jewish civilian blood less red than that of the journalist” asked Gordis? “The U.S. will not negotiate with ISIS (nor should it), but the president wants Israel to negotiate through Egypt at the same table with Hamas as moral equivalents?” asked Gordis.

When Senator Obama visited Sderot, he stated that if someone was lobbing rockets where his daughters lived, he would do whatever it took to eliminate the threat. Why should Israel be asked to do less?

Everywhere we went, we were thanked for our love, devotion and even bravery by coming to Israel in the midst of this war. We were thanked by professionals, clerks, rabbis, by soldiers and professors; by widows and mourners, by immigrants and students. We were thanked for going to Sderot on a day when so many rockets were lobbed into it. But we were only under fire for four days!

Israel is a family which is calling out for our help. The only reason we would not be part of that family is if we do not reach back.


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