Looking for kosher challah?

With the closing of Karsh’s Bakery this week – after nearly 50 years of serving Phoenix’s Jewish community – the Greater Phoenix Vaad HaKashruth released a list today of other places that sell kosher challah. Here’s a list of other Vaad-certified establishments from which one may purchase baked goods:

Cookies from Home

Imperial Kosher Market
Bread, Challah, Rolls, Pastries, Cakes

Kosher Korner
Bread, Rolls, Pastries

Levi Cafe and Bakery
Challah, Pastries, Rolls, Cakes (made to order)

Mozart Cafe
Challah, Pastries, Borekas

Nothing Bundt Cake (Scottsdale location only)
Cakes (dairy)

Segal’s One Stop Shop
Bread, Challah, Pastries, Rolls, Cakes (made to order)

Vaad-certified bread can also be found at Sprouts.

Trader Joe’s and Chompie’s also have kosher challah, certified by the OU.

If you know of any other local places that sell kosher challah, please let me know so I can add them here.

Shabbat Shalom. (Karsh’s challah, you will be missed…)




2 Comments on “Looking for kosher challah?”

  1. D says:

    Hi JN Post,

    Great post! Thanks! Was looking for Kosher Challah today, and also found/wanted to include for post as well: Alpine Valley Bread (specifically Challah dinner rolls at this time), Jerusalem Bakery, and NY Bagels N Bialys.

    Thanks again!

  2. leisahw says:

    Great additions! It’s nice to see how the options have grown even more in the past year!

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