Is the eruv up this weekend?

Now that the Valley Eruv Project’s eruv is up, now what? The eruv being up or down could make a difference in Shabbat observance for observant families each week – such as whether they can load up the children in strollers and head to shul or to anotVEP logoher family’s home for a meal or whether they need to stay home.

At some point, VEP will establish a system for checking the eruv’s status and how to get the word out. But for now, you can sign up to receive an email each Friday to learn whether the eruv is up. To receive this email, sign up with Rabbi Ariel Shoshan at

(Note: The email already went out today – July 26 – and yes, it’s up.)

Click here to learn more about the VEP eruv.

The Phoenix Community Eruv in Central Phoenix has a hotline: 602-264-ERUV (it also includes Shabbat candlelighting times and the time for Havdalah) or you can check in on Twitter @phoenixeruv.