Luxury vacation apartments at Herzliya

The Ritz-Carlton decided to make its way to Israel for the first time and is opening luxury vacation apartments — The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton — on the Mediterranean shore of Herzliya, just north of Tel Aviv.  The 12-story hotel will be comprise 110 guest rooms and 85 whole-ownership luxury vacation residences.  The mixed-use property was designed by architect Ranni Ziss, while Studio Gaia of New York did the interior design.

The 12-story Ritz-Carlton project at night.

The 12-story Ritz-Carlton property in Herzliya.

Although the residences come in a variety of sizes, every room was inspired by a luxurious marina lifestyle and the designers have made the terraces with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea a major focus.

“All in all we are offering a superior lifestyle to be delivered by a well-known brand associated with sublime hospitality,” said Miri Azouri, the project director of marketing and sales for The Residences.

A poolside view of the Mediterranean

The Residences’ rooftop swimming pool offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

Just as the outside view of the hotel has an oceanic theme, the interior color scheme complements the views of the Mediterranean. The designers used colors such as beiges, taupes and blues inspired by the sand, sky and sea. Natural woods, stone and leather tiles are being used to create a warm vibe, combined with luxury and comfort.

Guests will be able to enjoy all of the hotel amenities, whether they are a hotel guest or a resident owner. This includes service from the hotel concierge, access to the rooftop swimming pool with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the option to in-residence dining. As a part of the hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a fully equipped gym, a business center and banquet halls to be used for events.

The interior design uses colors that complement the exterior views

The interior design uses colors that complement the exterior views.


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