Rabbi urges community to attend interfaith assembly

Rabbi John Linder, spiritual leader of Temple Solel, shared with Jewish News staff a letter to his congregants, which is excerpted below. The interfaith event takes place 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2, at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, 4455 E. Lincoln Drive. 

“The Valley Interfaith Project (VIP) Spring Assembly is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a diverse faith community, reflecting our common values and a commitment to serve our state and country.  As a member of VIP, leaders of Temple Solel have helped to articulate a vision for Arizona that provides the economic viability we need, while putting people first.  It’s a win-win vision that emerges from Temple Solel’s Ties That Bind house meetings a year ago.

“This nonpartisan agenda brings together a refreshingly diverse group of stakeholders from across our state (the following’s attendance is confirmed):  Gov. Janice Brewer, House and Senate legislators Rep. Heather Carter, Senate Majority leader John McComish (and others); Arizona State Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Glenn Hamer, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Maricopa Community College officials and dozens of faith leaders.

 “We have an opportunity to move forward on the common ground that brings us together – issues of justice and compassion drawn from the breath of the Hebrew Bible:

  • Maximizing health care coverage for the most vulnerable in our state (over 400,000 Arizona residents!)  
  • Strengthening funding for education — our children are the future for our state.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Securing our border while providing a legal path for citizenship for the 11 million living in the shadows — Remember, we were strangers in the Land of Egypt.
  • Building on the success of VIP’s job training program, Arizona Career Pathways — helping Arizona residents become self-sufficient with much needed high-wage, high-skilled jobs.

“The key to an impactful, successful VIP Spring Assembly is YOU! What our elected officials and community leaders need to see are concerned, engaged, reasonable citizens — representing the 40 faith institutions under the VIP umbrella. …

“As one of VIP’s clergy leaders, I have been honored with a central role in the assembly. Nothing would give me more joy than looking out and seeing you. Please come, bring a friend and be a part of change!”

— Rabbi John A. Linder



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