Nonie Darwish talk at Young Israel

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-American human rights activist who is the founder of Arabs For Israel and the director of Former Muslims United, spoke at Young Israel of Phoenix last week, sharing her insight about being raised in an Islam home. She also spoke about the significance of the tumultuous events currently unfolding in the Middle East and the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

An excerpt:
“This international conflict called the Arab-Israeli conflict really is a fabrication. It is not a conflict over land, and anybody who thinks it’s a conflict over land is misguided because we don’t see the truth. The truth is … there is something in Islam anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, especially anti- Jewish and I will tell you why.

“Those people calling themselves Palestinians who live in the Gaza and the West Bank are the pawns of the Arab world. I don’t believe that they care about their happiness or welfare. They are set up to live a miserable life on purpose in order to show the world that we’re victims. Do you think Saudi Arabia, with all the money they have, the Gulf countries, (all this) oil money – think they can’t give them good roads and good homes and good police and turn it into a productive area of the Middle East? They can but that is not their objective. There is a hidden objective and I don’t understand why western culture doesn’t get it.”

Listen to her full presentation here.


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