See you at the Rally? Join the conversation

The Jewish News editorial staff will be covering the Jewish community Rally for Israel tonight at the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus in Scottsdale. (For details on the event, click here.)

One of our perennial problems when we worked exclusively in “old media,” publishing a weekly newspaper, was how to cover events that took place shortly after our paper went to press. We could only write up events that happened on Wednesday or Thursday in the paper that came out on Friday of the next week. In the era of the 24-hour news cycle, such a long lag between event and publication seemed not only old-fashioned but made our coverage of timely events seem irrelevant.

Tonight will be different. Our staff will be there to gather comments, photos, details and impressions — all the usual stuff of journalism — but we’ll also be tweeting about the rally in real time as the night goes on using the hashtag #PhxIsraelrally — and we invite you to join the conversation using that hashtag.

My Twitter feed is @scaputophx and my tweets will also be posted at

I also plan to post here as soon as I can after the rally.

You can follow my colleagues as well.

Leisah Woldoff’s Twitter is @LeisahPhx and her Facebook page is

Marilyn Hawkes’ Twitter is @hawkesphx and her Facebook page is

We are very excited to have these new options for coverage at a time when community solidarity is so critical. Am Yisrael chai.


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