Thanksgiving and Gaza

As you know, we’re a small media organization and we’re pretty much taking off from this afternoon through the weekend from our job of covering news that’s crucial to our community.

This morning, two breaking news stories — one on a cease-fire in the Gaza conflict and one about a bus explosion in Tel Aviv – came in, but we’ve already put our Friday paper to bed.

As you’ll see when our newspaper reaches your door and/or when the latest stories go live at our website at, we have many local connections in Israel whose lives are endangered by the rocket fire and other acts of terror.

We offer a link to where JTA News & Features will post the latest breaking news on the conflict, and to, which does the same. For news directly from Israel, if you don’t already know, Jerusalem Post and Ynet offer a range of perspectives. Feel free to comment on our Facebook page to let readers know which sources you’re consulting.

With any luck a cease-fire will hold while we enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday, but we know there are no assurances, so that’s why we offer these tips for keeping abreast of what’s happening.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and let us give thanks for even a momentary silence in the conflict. Shalom.


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