Chabad of Arizona to hold Thanksgiving prayer service for Israel

In response to the current situation in Israel, Chabad of Arizona will host a community prayer service at all of its locations 8:30-9:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving. May there be peace in Israel soon.

Here’s the note from Chabad, as posted on Facebook:

This Thursday, as Americans celebrate and Thank G-d for all the blessings He has bestowed and continues to bless us with, let us join together in Prayer for our brothers & sisters in Israel.

We see the miraculous ways of G-d on a daily basis, watching & protecting us from all of our enemies. Over 1,000 missiles have landed in Israel! Thank G-d, the casualties and deaths have been few. Yet, there is the physical damage and injuries they have caused, as well as the trauma and emotional effect the live rockets have upon all those who experience them.

Kol Yisrael Araivim Zeh BaZeh – All of the Jewish people are responsible for one another. We can and must do for our brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land!How? What?
The Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM has taught us that every good deed we do, even from miles away, has a positive effect that helps beyond our wildest dreams.

So, let us join together this Thursday from 8:30am – 9:30am, at all Chabad Locations in Arizona, for a special Prayer service to do our part in helping the Soldiers and Our Brothers & Sisters in the Holy Land, Israel. Let us join in prayer and beseech G-d to continue with his miracles, and that we should merit the revelation of the Moshiach now to bring peace in Israel & throughout the World.
The joint prayer services are for Men, Women & Children. For More Information call 602.944.2753At Chabad of Arizona,  Rabbi Mendel Lieberman, Director of Chabad of Ashkelon, will give a firsthand update, as well as behind the scenes info about what it means to live under the constant rain of rocket attacks. He will share with us words of inspiration on how to draw faith and strength in the face of constant shelling and terrorist attacks.
The following are a list of addresses for you to join:

Chabad of Arizona (Phoenix) – 2110 E Lincoln Dr Phoenix
Chabad of Anthem – 41332 N Hudson Trail Anthem
Chabad of North Phoenix – 22044 N 44 ST #102 Phoenix
Chabad at ASU – 971 S Ash Ave Tempe
Chabad of Chandler – 3875 W Ray Rd. Chandler
Chabad of Fountain Hills – 11010 N Saguaro Blvd #105 Fountain Hills
Chabad of Gilbert – 1154 S Portland Ave Gilbert
Chabad of Glendale – 7227 W Bluefield Ave Glendale
Chabad of Goodyear – 2508 N 134 Ave Goodyear
Chabad of Mesa – 941 S Maple St Mesa
Chabad of Scottsdale – 10215 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale
Chabad of Flagstaff – 1254 W University Ave. Flagstaff
Chabad of Tucson – 2443 E 4th St Tucson
Chabad on River (Tucson) – 3745 E River Rd Tucson
Chabad at UofA – 1025 N Euclid Ave Tucson
Chabad of Oro Valley – 611 W Cassidy Pl Oro Valley


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