Snapshots from a Brooklyn Sukkot

Hershl Weberman of Phoenix spent time in Brooklyn over Sukkot, both this year and in previous years, and shared his experience in this week’s Religious Life column, aptly named, “Spending Sukkot in Brooklyn.”

Because we only had space for one photo, we’re including additional photos here. While there are plenty of sukkahs built throughout the Valley, you likely don’t see scenes like this here. All photos are by Hershl Weberman, who has had exhibitions on photographs he took in Israel and Ethiopia. Weberman is the founder of Putting Judaism Back into Jewish Singles, a local singles group in which all events have a Jewish context.

Sukkahs are built on staggered terraces so the stars can be visible through the roof of each one. More are built on the roof and in the courtyard.

Four sukkahs are in one corner of a courtyard. There were eight more in other corners.

Many sukkahs have beautiful decorations.

How many sukkahs can you count?

During Chol HaMoed (intermediate days), the rebbes have tishes (literally tables) where they give discourses in Yiddish and their Chasidim sing.


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