30-minute sukkah and more

Build a sukkah in 30 minutes

Are you short on time this year when it comes to building your sukkah? Last year, architect Tom Norris spoke with us about building a sukkah in 30 minutes. To find out how to get your sukkah ready for the holiday – which starts this Sunday night – check out his guide on how to build an 8’x8′ sukkah, complete with diagrams.

Eat in a sukkah wherever you go

If you’re traveling this Sukkot and are looking for a sukkah near wherever you are, the Worldwide Sukkah Directory may be able to help you. The directory started in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia and was designed to help people who needed to find a place to eat in a sukkah near their office. Arizona sukkot on the list are the Phoenix Communty Kollel and Chabad at Congregation Young Israel in Tucson. In 2011, there were 434 sukkahs listed in 26 countries. Last year the organizers of the directory also released an app that is compatiable with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as an Android app.

For a list of various Sukkot activities and programs – and meals under the stars – visit the calendar at jewishaz.com. Scroll down to the bottom for Sukkot listings.

Chag Sameach!


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