For the politically minded

This is the election cycle in which new State Legislative and Congressional districts go into effect. There was controversy over whether Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission did the job of reapportionment in a nonpartisan manner or whether it was as partisan in drawing new boundaries as state legislatures have proven to be. Regardless of the kvetching over that issue, the districts are what they are for the present and foreseeable future, so if you’re wondering where the new Congressional District 9 (he subject of our previous staff blog) is or where any of Arizona’s other Congressional or Legislative Districts are, here are some valuable tools.

If you want to know which district you’re in? Go to the district locator. Type in your home address and ZIP and it will tell you.

If you want to see full maps of the various districts, go to the district maps page. The Congressional maps are at the top of the page, and you can download them in jpg or pdf formats or can be accessed via a link to Google! maps. The Legislative maps are lower on the page and available in the same file formats and through Google.

(Can you tell we’re readying our Primary Election Voter’s Guide, which we’ll publish July 27?)


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