A look at CD 9

While researching the race for the seat in Arizona’s new Congressional District 9 — which features two Jewish candidates, David Schapira and Andrei Cherny — we found this video of a candidates’ forum that lets you hear the views of most of the candidates running.

They don’t discuss foreign policy, such as U.S. policy toward Israel, although there’s some discussion of war and its cost to the economy and how defense cuts might affect our security.

Running on the Democrats’ side are Cherny, Schapira and Kyrsten Sinema. On the Republican side are Lisa Borowsky, Leah Campos Schandlbauer, Travis Grantham, Vernon Parker, Wendy Rogers, Martin Sepulveda and Jeff Thompson. Of these, Borowsky and Campos Schandlbauer did not participate in this forum, hosted by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

The format is a round robin where each candidate has two minutes to answer a specific question. It’s not a debate, so there’s no rebuttal or crossfire. However, because the forum focused on domestic issues, the candidates do  come back to themes that overlap the specific questions they’re being asked and so respond to one another’s arguments in that way.

While the policy views may be polarized, the candidates seem extremely civil in the forum. Issues that are touched upon are resolving the budget deficit and tax policy, the Affordable Care Act, energy, jobs, and specific programs the candidates would cut and specific taxes they would raise to help balance the budget and retire the debt.

It took place June 4, but it’s still relevant as residents of District 9 consider their options in the primary race. Here’s the video. Warning, it’s roughly two hours and six minutes long (there’s about two minutes of a public service announcement at the end of the video), so make sure you have an unhurried chunk of time to view it.

We’ll provide links to more of these videos as we find them during the campaign season.


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