Meeting a hero

Members of Congregation Beth Tefillah in Scottsdale recently returned from the synagogue’s first congregation trip to Israel, led by Rabbi Pinchas Allouche.

Upon returning from the trip, Rabbi Allouche shared his reflections about his trip, including an inspirational meeting with Lieutenant Aharon Karov, who was a commander of a combat company in the IDF’s Paratrooper Brigade when he was called up for service in the 2006 Gaza War on the morning after his wedding, according to Rabbi Allouche. “Three days later, he was critically wounded in a booby-trapped house, in which he was hit by more than 300 shards of shrapnel. The doctor’s initial predictions were that Aharon would not live. He underwent six operations on his head and chest in the course of 12 hours, as well as five face-reconstruction surgeries. He made a dramatic and miraculous recovery, regaining consciousness within days, and leaving the Intensive Care Unit shortly thereafter. Today, Aharon and his wife, Tziviah, are the proud parents of a baby girl, whom they call ‘the miracle of miracles.’ ”

Read more about this encounter here.




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