Butwin Burial Fund

The family of Yafit Butwin has set up a burial fund to bring Yafit and her three children to Israel, her homeland, for burial.

The mother and her children — Malissa, 16; Daniel, 14; and Matthew, 7, were found shot to death in a burnt SUV in the Vekol Valley on June 2, along with Yafit’s husband, James Butwin, in what the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has called a murder-suicide. The family were members of Temple Emanuel of Tempe.

(To learn more, read “Emanuel community mourns” and “Show of support: 575 at Service of Grief“)

 Yafit is survived by her mother and nine siblings, who all still live in Israel, according to a website about the burial fund, and Yafit had expressed wishes to her family to be buried in Israel.

According to the website, “Yafit’s family has very limited means and cannot pay for all the transportation and burial costs. The total transportation, processing, and burial costs to have Yafit and her children buried in Israel are approximately $40,000. Yafit’s family is willing to mortgage their homes to pay the expenses but friends of Yafit and the children wish to donate to help Yafit’s family. We are requesting donations to help alleviate the financial burden to her family at this time of tragedy. If you would like to donate here are ways you can help Yafit’s family.”


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